The world's first leading hi-tech table tennis robot in 1980s. To meet your needs, to challenge your skill!

PRODIGY® Robot created one of the first table tennis robots in the mid-1980s. It was the first machine with wireless remote control able to meet and exceed the spin and speed of the best players in the world. The PRODIGY Robot was considered the ultimate table tennis innovation of its time.

Today's new technology has allowed PRODIGY Robot to reconstruct and build a new generation robot. Ease of setup and takedown, in addition to remote controlled, programmable drills were requirements to allow us to add the PRODIGY Robot name to this superior device.


The world's first leading hi-tech PR PONG table tennis robot. To meet your needs, to challenge your skill!

PR PONG Robot is the first table tennis (ping pong) robot with wireless remote control in the world. PR PONG robot always can be playing 200 ping pong balls in the one time you want! A PR PONG table tennis robot / ball machine can be the key to your success. A good PR PONG table tennis robot will provide you with most of the practice situations you will encounter and help you to improve your game rapidly. PRODIGY PR PONG Table Tennis Robots - training by yourself in table tennis/ping-pong training with a table tennis terminator. When training by yourself, the use of a table tennis robot can be of great benefit, provided that you use it properly and avoid a couple of pitfalls waiting to trap the unwary. So let's take a look at how to get the most out of your table tennis robot.